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Hosting services for holiday lets and holiday homes in Salcombe, Devon and Cornwall

When the Expedia Group invested $3.9billion to acquire online travel agent HomeAway at the end of 2016, in an era when we’re seeing the rise and rise of online goods retailers like Amazon, it was clear to us that the industry was on a new path. 

At HolidayHost we bring together a leadership and management team with 50+ years’ experience in UK holiday lets as well as expertise in management, hospitality, marketing, business and administration.

Why we created a hosting service for holiday lets

Over the past eight years, the team at HolidayHost has watched traditional holiday letting agents launched in the ‘80s and ‘90s, being consumed by national and international profit-hungry conglomerates. Despite great efforts by many of the people in those corporations, initiatives like remote regional representatives, have not been able to make up for the lost personal service and local expertise. 

Owners suffered being a number in an algorithm, without the financial return to compensate for the reduction in service, and often they found their own visits were side lined. Of some concern has been consideration of guest safety and owner liability, without local 'boots on the ground', especially in coastal and rural areas. Since the start of the pandemic, owners have felt these shortfalls more than ever.

We love giving you the freedom to own and enjoy your holiday let on your terms. We help you to let the smart way because we’re good at all the back office workload expected of a super Host.  Our commercial expertise is focused on your financial return after costs rather than packing in guest visits for the sake of it.”

Director, Josh Newman
Holiday home let by HolidayHost

Holiday let hosting administration to meet home owner needs

For owners of premium properties seeking 35-45 weeks of bookings a year, a selection of new, independent, regional marketing agents emerged and very successfully in some cases. Alternatively, for owners with an interest in being a DIY holiday let landlord, there is a lot of information available to make that a profitable letting solution. 

Most owners though, have found themselves with nowhere to turn for flexibility, compliance, knowledgeable local service, and a great return on their holiday let.  Which is why HolidayHost exists.  

We help set up your holiday let efficiently and effectively, from safety compliance, through inventory to sourcing your changeover provider and creating your listing content.  We provide direct access to real time financial and booking information, along with the schedule for you to book your own visits. You and your home get a dedicated, local Host, who is your single point of call and visits your property regularly. We assist with holiday letting price advice, listing creation, and manage booking administration and customer service.  

Woodlands holiday home let by HolidayHost

Holiday let hosting administration that works for you

We do all of this with the owner’s interests at the heart of the holiday let. We know that for deposit management, damage charges and loss-making short breaks, putting your interests first adds up to your holiday let being a financial success.  

We leave all the costly marketing promotion to the online travel agents like HomeAway. Our service rates of 8-9% represent fair reward for our scope of service. Combine the online travel agents fee of 3% with our host fee of 8%-9% and it is clear why hosting services have grown so large over recent years. 

We’re not alone as professional host services providers. Others have been catering for the hosting demand in locations bustling with city visitors, for years, with great success. HolidayHost launched to meet the needs of owners with rural and coastal holiday lets across South Devon and East Cornwall.

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